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Farrell's Avocados
Farrells Organic Avocados - Vogue Award Vogue Travel+Entertainment Highly Commended Produce Award 2007

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The Way from the infant tree to the end product - a ripe avocado

1. Source
Farrells Organic Avocados - Seedlings Our avocados have come from Queensland and New South Wales nurseries, arriving at our property as very small trees.

2. Planting
Farrells Organic Avocados - Planting Planting and protecting the young trees, is very labour intensive.

3. Managing young trees
Farrells Organic Avocados - Trees Farrells Organic Avocados - Brushcutting Young trees are mulched with a variety of materials. Here it is Straw. Inter row swards are maintained all year and mown regularly in summer with the green manure directed on to the ground under the trees. Brushcutters are used in summer for maintenance.

4. Mature trees and fruit
Farrells Organic Avocados - Trees Farrells Organic Avocados - Fruit Trees have two crops on them for some months. Flowers and new fruit are formed from October to December, while mature fruit is picked from mid December to March.

5. Harvesting
Fruit is never picked before maturity has been reached. Although the industry standard for maturity is for a minimum dry matter test we look for observable changes in the fruit and most importantly taste. After this has been reached we will start harvest. This means that economic returns are not the driving force, but quality and sustainable ecological systems are. As fruit is picked it goes straight into the cool room.

6. Packing
Farrells Organic Avocados - Washing Farrells Organic Avocados - Inspection Farrells Organic Avocados - Packing Farrells Organic Avocados - Tray Farrells Organic Avocados - Pallet
Fruit after spending one day in the coolroom is packed by skilled packers and palletised in our own on farm packhouse and sent immediately back to the coolroom awaiting shipment.

7. Mature ripened fruit
Farrells Organic Avocados - Tray Ecologically grown products usually have a huge labour input, and this is why we do most of the work ourselves. However we now have mature age and indigenous help- two people, in training. Research has shown that avocados grown organically / biodynamically using holistic management have higher weight per unit volume and about 30% more antioxidant content than conventionally grown fruit.

Avocados are a complete food, and they are perfect for baby's first solid food.

Fruit should have a smooth creamy rich flavour with a nutty taste.

Farrells Organic Avocados - Kangaroo
It seems that everyone likes Avocados.

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