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Organic farming system

High production can have biological consequences. As a result of the Green revolution the using of chemicals and non-renewable resources - produces more food but degradation of the soil occurs.

Ecological farming systems are characterised by high biomass and biodiversity, high cycling of matter and reduced inputs and energy loss. Conventional agriculture separates the parts and operates as a technological package.

The Ecological system is a philosophy, and is not set up to favour big corporations but rather, the set up favours small farmers and the individual market is not the end point. In modern Agriculture market and money tend to be the end point.

Two international examples:

In Brazil modern Agriculture increased production by about 20% but increased insecticides by 235%, fertilisers by 120%, fungicides by 580% herbicides by 540% and tractors and machinery by 400%.

Around Collima, in Mexico there were big advances in modern Agriculture. It resulted in huge increases in productivity for rockmelons however now this soil is degraded and will not sustain production of food for villages farming by simple methods.