Mardo Farm - Farrells Avocados
Thoughts about farming
  • Some soils in some more modern countries may take 40yrs to decontaminate. Soil is the largest problem - long term work.

  • Excessive ploughing degrades biomass. Agriculture needs to be producing without degrading soil or any other webs. Note Australia's soil degradation problems already.

  • Redesigned Agricultural systems are required - with maximum output with minimised input.

  • Changes in attitude and culture, of individuals, governments, and agricultural education in its broadest sense, are needed to implement ecological sustainability, with developed countries having a rapidly expanding consumer demand for the certified product.

  • To be mindful of the independence of research funds, so that they are not directly or indirectly linked to those organisations this may be seen to have a vested interest in the maintenance of high tech conventional agriculture.

  • Encouragement of more long-term projects for research, to balance contracts for short term immediate need research.

  • To acknowledge that money and markets are not the only end point for Australia.

  • New ways do not necessarily mean high tech or high cost. We must learn to think diversely in order to implement strategies, which increase the net gain whether it is ecological farming systems, or conventional systems.

  • Principles raised need to be adapted to each geographic/ climatic area.

  • Much waste occurs, throughout the agricultural, forestry, food processing, service industries, and industrial sectors. If energy efficient systems were able to increase the recycling of matter back into the agricultural sector from other sections of the total community, I believe improvements in the dollar return per unit area of production could be had.

  • More time needs to be spent by the orchardist identifying the actual problem that they might have, before wasting time and money applying inappropriate controls.

  • As an isolated continent and an isolated state, we need to encourage effective networking at all levels of the industry. This should encourage collaborative sharing of intellectual capital and act as a seeding ground for innovative solutions to Australia's problems in this area of agriculture.

  • Improved knowledge of avocado functioning allows more relevant management systems to be applied, hence increasing the net gain by the orchardist.